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I Have a Crush on Peter Britt

Peter Britt planted this, Peter Britt built that

his name seems to pop up wherever I am at.

On benches and gardens, near giant tree plaques

And upon any sign among Jacksonville facts

In the 1850s, its said, he arrived in a cart

With a five-dollar bill, and loaded with art.

He found a good spot, built a cabin near me

Added a studio for photography

He put in pear orchards, and tended some bees

He even planted an Abyssinian banana tree

He studied the stars, and made the first wine,

Was kind to the locals, made paintings so fine

As a modern woman, I know it’s not woke

to have any semblance of crush on this bloke.

Alas, he’s a white man from an old century

(Which these days is not in-fashion to be)

I hope he’s not cancelled, I hope people see

The way that Britt found his way into me

A bon vivant! The artistic type!

Yet roughty-toughtly in his own right

Oh, Peter Britt, the Renaissance man

Even these days, I admit

I am a fan.

(poem and art by Christina Ammon)

Thank you to A Greater Applegate for supporting homegrown writers! Click image below for more information!

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