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On the Loose: Alexander Colours

Meet the people who make the place.

"We're too blessed to be stressed"

"There is no way around it now: large, big-name companies want to cash in on weed now that federal regulations are giving them the green light. So, they are squeezing us all out, doing what they can to get our pennies into their pocket. Our pennies are way more valuable to us than they ever can be to them.

We were very much low profile-- not growing anything more than what was needed in order for us to keep our families happy and healthy. Growing good honest chronic. The way the market has gone has definitely taken a toll on the tribe.

Moving away from Williams is not an option. But this market is going to weed out some folks that don’t have their heart in it completely. There will be less wishy-washy people there trying to make an easy dollar in the weed game. There will be a lot of challenges-- a ridiculous amount of money that we are going to see vanishing. We still don’t know what the numbers are going to be like for our tribe, our community, and the stores.

It has forced us to diversify and get out there and find some niches. For me, my newest niche market is finding old planks of wood and turning them into art. There are plenty of old planks laying around. They don’t cost me anything. I can work with them and make them nice for others to enjoy. I’ve fallen into this little niche business because I had to start thinking creatively.

You can shake your fist at the universe and ask Why? as much as you want. You’re never going to understand in the moment what good could come from it. There’s always a flip side to the coin. We’ve got to keep striving for that silver lining. We’re too blessed to be stressed."--Alexander Colours Dreamer, Scrapsman, Craftsman, Entrepreneur ( #FootlooseFriends

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