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Jeffrey Schwinghammer

“Right now, I’m thinking about curiosity. Curiosity is my through-line between all the things I’m interested in: movement work, nature stuff, therapy. Curiosity is what puts you into observing what you don’t know yet. You know what I mean? Because you already know what you know, but if you can get curious about something then you actually open yourself up to being transformed. Everything that I find good ties into that.

Just now I was curious where a flock of birds over the vineyard went. What configuration are they in right now. In that tree? Over the vineyard? Somewhere else?

I’m from Minnesota. I came to the area to live at Trillium. I didn’t even know what the Applegate was and then my van broke down and I was like ‘Okay, I guess I’ll live here.’ And then from there, so much happened”—Jeffrey Schwinghammer, Feldenkrais student and documentary maker. #FootlooseFriends

Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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